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No-nonsense workouts for busy people who want great results

Busy lives, aging bodies -- an unfortunate combination. Until now.

In one or two half-hour segments (which really only need to be 20 minutes each) you can achieve an excellent baseline fitness level with increased strength, greater energy, better regulation of blood pressure, and mitigation of several biomarkers associated with aging.

Even if you hate exercising -- actually, especially if you hate exercising -- you can succeed with our help. Many have before; lots say they never stuck to an exercise program for more than a few weeks anytime previously in their lives.

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Just three easy steps.

Years ago I asked my clients for a one-line comment about my program. My favorite response was from the woman who said:

"I like it because I never have to think."

I'm new to Buckhead, but very seasoned in applying the principles of both efficient, effective exercise and sensible calorie control rolled into a program we call the 6-Week Fat-to-Muscle Makeover. This was birthed from helping Dr. Ellington Daren write/edit several books that combined Nautilus training with specified eating plans decades ago. Building muscle to burn fat is easily accepted today, but in 1985 Dr. Darden was put into a debate on the Today with some "expert" parroting the line popular back then that to burn fat you have to exercise aerobically. If you remember 8-track tapes and manual typewriters, you probably remember when prevailing wisdom failed to recognize the impact of elevating metabolism through figure-shaping muscle development.

I like my clients to start with a Makeover, although it's not required. Workout sessions can be scheduled by the month, or even one at a time, starting with a free trial session. Enlisting in a 6-Week Fat-to-Muscle Makeover provides a slight reduction in per-workout fee but asks that you do before-and-after photos, body circumference measurements, drink plenty of water, perform 20 minutes of light activity after your evening meal, eat in only one place in your home and do no other activity in that location, and be accountable for your calorie intake through an online resource, preferrably. It's also helpful if you can assemble friends or a small group to go through the program together.

Again, workouts-only are always an option, but you'll like what results from 6 weeks of concentrated effort on all fronts.

Typically within 6 weeks, working out two or three times under our direction and eating daily about 10 balanced calories for every pound of lean body mass (1,300 calories for someone whose ideal weight is about 130 pounds), the typical woman sheds:

Actually, most do well initially in two of those three sites and one lags behind; usually the first place you gain fat is the last place from which it leaves. Eventually, even the stubborn areas respond. And while the circumference measurements aren't as dramatic, arms tighten, too.

12-week results of the Fat-to-Muscle MakeoverWhile our advertising approach is directed toward woman, men are welcome, too. Expect to trim about 3 inches off your waist in 6 weeks.

If you're a grandpa who is limited in rough-housing with the grandkids, please call me. Given I moved here (from my home town) to play with Camryn and Walker, I can't stand to see anybody limited in their joy of grandchildren.

Body Construction in Buckhead is an incredible facility. And if my overbearing personality repulses you, Steve Bryant, the owner, or one of the other personal trainers (I use that term only for search-engine optimization; "fitness coach" is more appropriate), will be pleased to make your life miserable...I mean, umh....assist you.

And don't worry if you hate working out. I believe it takes about 9 months to birth a fitness lifestyle. But if you press on with training sessions beyond our 6-Week Makeover, you'll eventually get to the point where:

The only thing worse than working out is not working out!

At that point, you've enriched your life with a fitness lifestyle -- congratulations.

Plenty more to explore within a few clicks, so dig deep, focus intently, and remember -- don't waste your time exercising!

-- TD
in Buckhead

Terry Duschinski, now in the Buckhead area of Atlanta

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"Workouts were challenging and he always pushed me to my limits. I was amazed at how much better I felt and looked because of his workout program. He is fantastic to work with."
-- Chris Gramke
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"Terry taught me that physical fitness is a lot more than just sweating and grunting. It's a science that demands a certain amount of technical correctness. Anyone can bull their way through a thoughtless workout or a tortuous calorie reduction diet. Terry (now 'TD') can show you a better way, a way based on the proven science of the human body."
-- Brett Collins

"With my busy schedule and stress level, Terry was a necessary part of my week. Stress relief that gave me the physical exertion that gave me the energy I needed to keep me feeling great."
-- Tim Niehaus
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